Saturday, January 15, 2005

I Will See Your Mom's Dog's Face

How do you fold your socks? Do you ball them up, or fold them nicely into little squares? How much milk do you have on your cereal? Have you ever fallen for a girl if only for her giggle, or the way that her eyes light up when she walks into an arcade? I love Amelie because of the opening scenes where we learn about the various quirks of all the film's main characters. I like buses for the same reason, just because people are on them and I get to invent a complex back-story for why they're playing with their ring finger. Michael Jackson and I, we love all of you idiots. For serious.

I saw a couple on the train today; a tall man who scored a tiny little cheerleader chick one drunken night, chaperoning a dance at her school. Her parents were against it of course, but he bought them twin Mercedes and they seemed not to mind so much anymore. He'll be the one to leave her, because he'll get tired of her drama-queen bullshit, but she'll have been cheating on him for a while by then anyhow. No harm, no foul, really -- everyone involved got what they wanted from it. Or they could have been brother and sister.

I have a theory on everyone but myself, I do. I'm a tough nut to crack, I am. I might be better at it if only I weren't so utterly boring that I can't hold my own damn attention. I'm an inner child that escaped and beat the fuck out of my adult self, and who now stands against the civilized world as a whole. Why? Because nobody uses photo booths anymore, they all wear too much black, and I'm the only one who still thinks a day at the park throwing handfuls of dirt into the air is something worth doing.

Lately I've been busy. Busy with work, busy with my social and home lives. I've become fond again of spending too much time in and out of various rooms; mine, yours -- anywhere with a blanket seems to be a good place to stay a while. Childish, childish, but what's wrong with being childish? I dare you to do something wildly stupid -- I quadruple-dog-dare you, times infinity, no take-backs. Kids have all the fun, grown-ups have all the stress. Me, I'll meet you somewhere in the middle with dirty pockets, and a stuffed cat puppet named Graham to do all the talking when I run out of things to say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amanda, why don't you comment about you cat???

8:15 PM  
Blogger J. Michaels said...

I have a moose puppet. Sometimes, it speaks to my students. No, seriously. These are high school students. They think I have a major chemical problem.

12:39 AM  

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