Sunday, February 20, 2005


No matter what you're doing, nothing is worth the effort unless you are bringing it to its end in the process of enjoying it. For this, I will call myself an apple. In such a mundane image as the task of eating an apple you will find the same truth as in making love to your special somebody: you do it until it’s over, and then you haven’t got a lot of choice in the matter. You love with everything you have until you run out of it, and then it’s done. There is no more love here -- try the next castle.

Eventually even you will come to an end. You'll bite into your core, regardless of if you’ve been having a good time or not. Not everybody loves apples. You end -- so long. You take for granted that you won’t end today, but it’s going to happen eventually. Sometimes you will feel like it's fast approaching, because the weight of the world can be tremendous. Your life is impossible to comprehend.

Four minutes left to enjoy life -- hurry up or you’re going to die a failure. I can’t even finish this apple in four minutes; I’ll try, but that’s not enough. You’ve got to play to win. Nothing takes your place after this, so you have to do everything now that you were ever meant to. You finished too soon and it's your own damn fault. Four minutes to finish loving everyone and everything.

Three minutes left now. The universe is all out of whack and it may never right itself. You always took too much time in the bathroom -- think of the time you've wasted in the goddamn bathroom when you could have been living a fulfilling life! There’s nothing left now. Taking a shit isn’t going to cut it, at this point, it's all so unimportant.

Two minutes until you lose the greatest and only game of your life. Life is a game. Quit thinking about it and make something happen. You’re wasting time worrying about how many minutes you have left. Go, boy! Do it now.

You've only got a minute remaining. Grab on to something and tell it everything you know. Do it now.

Thirty seconds and counting. Don’t stop talking.

Five seconds.

Here we go, back inside and tucked away where nobody can see.



You've just wasted your entire life.


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